Choose Your Consultation:

  • Free Consultation with Staff: General assessment, estimated treatment plan, and informative discussion.
  • Comprehensive Consultation with Dr. Riopelle ($90): In-depth assessment, personalized treatment plan, and advanced insights.
  • Note: In rare cases, staff may recommend a consultation with Dr. Riopelle for complex tattoos or specific concerns.

Begin Your Transformation:

  • PicoSure Focus Laser: Ultra-short pulses gently shatter tattoo pigment, minimizing discomfort and downtime.
  • Effective on Various Colors: Tackles even difficult inks, including blue and previously-treated tattoos.
  • Precise and Targeted: Focuses on the tattoo pigment, protecting surrounding skin for safe removal.

Witness the Results:

  • Progressive Fading: See noticeable lightening with each session, with the number of treatments depending on your tattoo.
  • Dedicated Support: Our team monitors your progress, adjusts the plan as needed, and answers any questions.

Embrace a Fresh Start:

  • Complete your tattoo removal journey and enjoy the confidence of clear, beautiful skin. Unwanted ink no longer holds you back, allowing you to embrace a fresh start.